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3-String Guitar Chords            

Click here for a printable chord chart
The 3-string guitar offers a full range of simple barre chords and a multitude of sophisticated chord shapes. 
Power Chords (AKA Fifth Chords)
Since the the middle string is tuned a fifth above the bass string, power chords (chords lacking a third) are easy to play on a stick dulcimer.  Just press all three strings with one finger behind a fret (a barre chord) to create the chord.  Power chords can be substituted for major or minor chords in many musical contexts. 
Major, Minor and Other Chord Shapes
Here are a few of the possible ways to create chords on the three-string guitar.
Note that ALL CHORDS ARE SYMMETRICAL, i.e., the top and bottom strings are interchangeable in any chord pattern.  The sound, of course, will be slightly different, so experiment!
Three-String Guitar Note locations  (for D-A-d tuning)